Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart of the Firm represents the following:

Top Level Management:

25 persons having good experience in their respective fields like Exports, Accounts & Quality Management, etc., have been employed by the Managing Director & Directors of the firm at Top Level Management of the Firm. All these persons are directly concerned to their immediate bosses for any decision making as well as future planning of the firm.

Middle Level Management:

At this level, there are around 125 Persons who are delegated their duties by the Top Level Management of the Firm and they are directly concerned to Top Level Management for their duties & responsibilities. Hence, in this category of Management come people like Supervisors, Paddy Purchasers, Lab Rice Analysts, Packagers, Sales Executives, Technicians, & etc.

Lower Level Management:

This is the ultimate category of Management which includes persons like Foremen & their Assistants working in Processing/Milling, Parboiling & Sortex Units, people working on Boiler, Labourers like Loaders & Unloaders, Watchmen working inside & outside factory Gate. At this Junior Level, all Staff are entrusted their duties by the Supervisors of Middle Level Management. Hence, atleast 150 people are working on this Lower Level Management of the Firm.